diane-d-blue-croppedAbout Diane

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Let me introduce myself.

I’ve been a professional web content writer since 2011. I’ve helped small business owners grow their business online by providing them with high quality web content. I write a wide variety of digital content including articles, blog posts, reports, press releases, and e-books.

I’m also a multi-skilled social media manager. I’m well versed in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest marketing. Over the years, I’ve developed skills that I can use to help businesses grow their fan base and promote engagement among their followers on social media sites.

I’m a certified inbound marketing professional. I took the HubSpot inbound marketing training in November 2014 and was awarded a certificate after I passed the required exam. I renewed my certification in March 2016.

My professional mission is two-fold:

1) To provide high quality targeted content that helps my clients attract, engage, and delight their target audiences and eventually convert them into paying customers.

2) To help businesses harness the power of social media marketing to promote their content, foster relationships with their target market, and build credibility and authority in the marketplace.

I strive for excellence. I continually invest time in learning and improving my skills. I’m now learning how to create effective Facebook ads and automate email marketing campaigns.

I also love helping freelancers like me, so I write articles that are useful and relevant to them. I curate content in my social media profiles to help them learn about working online.

When I’m not working, I make music and study foreign languages.